Art For The Decorative Market

Find Art For The Decorative Market.

Art paintings that go into businesses such as offices, hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, doctor surgeries, health care centres and for the home are generally purchased for the decorative market by art buyers and interior designers and interior decorators.


Are you an interior decorator, buyer of artwork and paintings for the decorative market? Here at Jobba Online Art Gallery, we have a variety of artists advertising and selling unique original artworks and paintings that will suit every environment you are planning on decorating.


If you are looking for that perfect artwork to suit a particular design layout for that space you are decorating, make sure you bookmark Jobba Art And Paintings Online Art Gallery where artists advertise their stunning artworks for sale.


Connect with local artists and collaborate with them for custom made artworks and commissioned art projects.


As an interior designer, or an art buyer, it is important to have as many options available as possible to work with, and better still, having a network of artists and painters that can create that unique one off artwork based on your requirements is gold.


We also suggest that art buyers and interior designers advertise on Jobba Online Art And Painting Gallery to expand their portfolio of local and international artists.  You can never have too many connections in the art community.

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