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"Jobba" is a new job listing site where employers can post free job ads to find staff required to fill positions vacant.

Jobba "jobba.com.au" was launched in April, 2021 by Phil Hourigan, primary partner at P & T Hourigan. Over many years, Phil has designed many websites and has a particular passion for classified site platforms as they are community based and help the broader community by providing millions of people and local communities a platform to advertise online for free in many cases, or at little cost to them.

Job posting websites have a particular importance, as they match employers requiring staff to run their business. Whether it's a small local business or a large multi national organisation, we all need to find specialised staff to fill particular job roles.

Job posting sites provide employers with the tools they need to quickly get their message out that they require experienced people for new job openings as they experience growth in their industry, and therefore, require a specialised mechanism that is geared to matching employers with employees.

Why are job listing sites important?

Simply because they are built with a purpose, to bring employers and employees together by having a pre determined form that employers can complete quickly and easily that is structured with all the important questions and points an employer asks themselves when thinking of employing a person. Things like what experience is required to fill the role. Whether the jobs is full-time, part-time, casual, temporary, contract etc..

Other points of interest are trying to entice the best people for the job openings to work for them. These are bullet points like expected earnings, benefits, bonuses, how many hours and days someone will be required and so on.. Reputations are at the forefront and employers need to sell themselves as the best option to secure the best people in the industry.

With jobsearch sites like Jobba, all the important questions are laid out in form fields, and all the employer has to do is complete the information, provide details and publish job vacancy instantly.

Whilst there are many other jobsearch sites, and many well know organisations like SEEK.COM.AU, MY CAREER, INDEED, JORA, JOBSEARCH, they can often be hard to reach everyone. There is never enough job vacancy listing sites in my opinion, as on many occasions, it means the opportunity arises in mysterious ways and it doesn't take a major multinational organisation to match people in their careers.

As long as a listing has all the keyword, key points, critical job terms that job seekers are searching for when looking for work, it will appear online in search results from global search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Quora, Dogpile, Yandex, Boardreader and so on. As long as the employer inputs critical information related the the job description, location, salary and other key points, it will appear on search results. 

Having this experience at hand is why Phil continues to design, develop and manage classified sites for the greater benefit of the workforce in this instance with a site like Jobba Jobseeker.

With many years experience in building online classifeds, Phil decided that after the terrible Covid 19 pandemics destruction of the workforce,  it was time to establish a dedicated jobs classifieds site that offered a unique approach for employer to access free listings and really low priced premium features. The economy has been dramatically reduced as as a result, savings are required on all levels by everyone to help rebuild what was once a robust economy employing millions of people.

Phil suggests to everyone, dont just post job vacancies on the big jobsearch sites, as size doesn't matter when it comes to matching employees with employers. The right people for the job can and will find your job offers on jobba.com.au.

 Prior To Building Jobba.com.au Phil built from the ground up the successful adult classifieds site well known in Australia, Ädult Ads Australia".

 See Our Adult Classifieds Site HERE

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